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Welcome to our Internet Glossary. This glossary of internet related terms was created to help our customer better understand the online world. Feel free to send us additions, correction and so on. We want to make the glossary as useable to everyone as possible.

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Second Level Domain
A second level domain is a sub-section of a Top Level Domain (TLD) in the Domain Name System. An example of a second level domain would be mybrand.com.
Secondary Server
A secondary server is one of a pair of two servers that make up a set of Domain Name Servers. Generally, Domain Name Servers are grouped in pairs, with a primary and a secondary server. The primary server is responsible for updating the secondary name server with any new zone file information or modifications that have been submitted by the DNS administrator.
Security Certificate
A security certificate is a digital identification sequence that allows for identity verification or web sites security verification on the Internet.
A server is a software program that is designed to accept and carry out requests and queries initiated by a client program. Servers and clients may exist on the same computer or different computers connected to the interInternet. An example of a server is a web server, which is a computer running software configured to answer requests for web sites by serving up the files that comprise a web sites to the computer that is requesting them, typically via a web browser.
Service Mark
A service mark is a logo, phrase, word, name or any other identifying mark that indicates a service, that has been registered through the proper government-approved authority to represent that service. Registered service marks are protected from infringement through the registering agency.
Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is a protocol, or method, that is used for sending email on the Internet. This protocol is typically used in conjunction with POP (post office protocol), the method commonly used for retrieving electronic mail from a mail server on the Internet. Most email programs allow you to specify both an SMTP and POP server. Access to or the name of an SMTP server is something that is typically provided by an ISP.
The Shared Registration System (SRS) is a universal database system of available .com, .net and .org domain names that was developed by Network Solutions, Inc. as a requirement to allow ICANN accredited registrars the ability to register and modify domain names in the registry. This system prevents a domain name that is successfully registered through one registrar from being registered through another domain name registration site.
SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, is a protocol (method) developed by Netscape that provides Internet users using HTTP with the ability to secure the transmission of information on the Internet between a client (web browser) and a serverserver.
Start of Authority (SOA) Resource Record
The SOA Record, as it relates to a zone file, indicates that the Domain Name Server that the file is residing on is the authoritative Domain Name Server for the domain name. Essentially, the SOA Record contains caching and expiration "instructions" that are communicated to the DNS when zone file information is received for a domnamdomain name.
A subdomain is a level of division of the domain name space. Every domain names that exists on the Internet can be divided up into an infinite number of subdomains.
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