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An A Record is the section of a zone file in which one or more ipaddIP Addresses are specified for a domain name. When referring to a domain name, the terms "A Record" and "IP Address" are often thought of as interchangeable.
Recursion is the name of the process through which certain Domain Name Servers are configured to search for and resolve domain names.
See Registration.
The Registrant is the individual or organization to whom a specific domain name is registered with a registry. Once the registrant has registered the domain name, paid the associated fees and met certain conditions, the individual or organization holds the domain name for use for a specific period of time and can use the domain name for such purposes as web hosting and email.
A Registrar is an organization or company that is either authorized by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers, an organization dedicated to Internet governance) to provide reginregistration services for all the .net, .org and .com global Top-Level Domain names, or is authorized by its respective government to register . A registrar must also be authorized by the proper registry to act as an agent of the registry to process domain name registration, where the agent is not a reseller. The registrar also has the responsibility to create and maintain a WHOIS database containing contact information associated with the domain name.
Registration is the process by which an individual or organization purchases the right to use a domain name for a specified period of time. Domain Name registrations are typically processed through a registrar and, in general, require a registration fee, contact information, acceptance of a registration agreement and, in some cases, meeting certain conditions or requirements.
Registration Fee
A registration fee is the amount of money charged by a registrar or the organization authorized by a TLD's respective government to register domain name. Registration fees vary among TLDs.
A Registry is a regional organization or entity that is responsible for assigning domain names and Internet Addresses and is under contract from its respective government to control domain name registration. Registry responsibilities include recording and updating domain names and Internet Addresses, as well as the information associated with them, on the root servers.
Request for Comments (RFC)
Request for comments is the process and subsequent documentation that occurs when creating a new Internet standard. Various committees draft and review these documents before acceptance as a formal RFC.
Resolution is the name of the process used to translate a domain name into its corresponding IP, or numerical, , in locating a computer on the Internet.
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