Possession Studios™ Internet Glossary

Welcome to our Internet Glossary. This glossary of internet related terms was created to help our customer better understand the online world. Feel free to send us additions, correction and so on. We want to make the glossary as useable to everyone as possible.

"Knowledge is nothing, if no one knows what your talking about."


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A web site design to sale products of service online.
eMail, or electronic mail, is a widely used process of sending text messages and attached files from one user to another through the Internet. POP3 and SMTP are common protocols used for retrieving and sending email.
eMail Forwarding
Email forwarding is a service offered by most ISPs and emailemail service providers that allows email sent to one email address to be redirected to another email address on the Internet.
Encryption is the process of converting data into a format that can only be understood by an individual or group with the proper key to decipher it. The process of deciphering the information by the recipient is called decryption.
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