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Welcome to our Internet Glossary. This glossary of internet related terms was created to help our customer better understand the online world. Feel free to send us additions, correction and so on. We want to make the glossary as useable to everyone as possible.

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Contact Information
and confirming certain domain name modifications. The administrative contact information is kept on file with the registrar of the domain name and is also visible in the WHOIS database.
A contact, or agent, is the individual or group of individuals listed with particular types of Contact Information associated with a domain name registration. These contacts are categorized as organizational, administrative, billing, technical and zone contacts.
Is the text, databases and graphics of a web site. this is the real information the site is prenting to vistors.
Content Management
A Content Management functions let a web site administrator to conect to there web site from any web browser and review stat and make changes to the content of the site at any time. The content management system let a person with limited internet experance to make changes to there site at any time free of charge. This give our customers the freedom to change there sites content as often as they like, without the worry of running up a service charge.
Content Management Administrator
The person who adminastrates a web site, via a Content management system.
Content Managemer
The person who adminastrates a web site, via a content management system.
A counter is a program that counts and displays the number of visitors to a particular web page.
Country Code
A country code is the standardized 2-character abbreviation for a country, used as their Top Level Domain in the Domain Name System. For example, .de represents the Germany, and .md represents Moldova.
A cybersquatter is an individual that has reserved one or more commercially viable domnamdomain name(s) with the intent to sell them to the individual or organization willing to pay the highest price for the name. In many cases, the domain name that has been reserved by the cybersquatter has already been trademarked or service marked by another organization.
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